Shiny Psyduck

Pokemon Go

Shiny Psyduck Confirmed for Pokemon Go

Shiny Psyduck

Good morning, Shiny Psyduck. Nice to see you there.

As part of Pokemon Go’s Safari Zone event in Brazil this weekend, Psyduck will be appearing more frequently. A lot more frequently. They’re all over the place. My neighborhood is practically lousy with Psyduck.

Also! Shiny Psyduck has been released, and until 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 27, your chances of encountering one are greatly increased over the usual 1 in 450 chance.

Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Go’s Hoenn Event is still going, with increased chances to find shiny Taillow and shiny Zigzagoon. February’s Community Day will feature Swinub on February 16.

A great shiny checklist can be found on

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