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The Division 2 Private Beta impressions, more

If you follow me on Twitter, this may surprise you but I absolutely loved The Division 2 Private Beta. The sequel keeps the same tight, cover-based action from the original and adds some intriguing new ideas to The Divison’s existing formula. Ubisoft have announced that the private beta will be followed by a public beta and also that a free game will be offered as an incentive for pre-orderi...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Celebration has started

Just as the Lunar New Year celebration is ending, the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Celebration is beginning. The week-long event will feature increased pink Pokemon spawns and other bonuses, just like the 3rd century Roman martyr would have wanted. Pokemon Go will feature increased spawns of pink Pokemon, specifically Clefairy, Hoppip, and Luvdisc. Pink pokemon will also hatch more frequently ...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event is Live

Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event started yesterday to celebrate the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Pig. The event includes increased spawns of Chinese Zodiac-inspired Pokemon, double catch XP, increased chance of lucky Pokemon from trades, and introduces shiny Spoink and Grumpig. Here’s a list of Pokemon that will spawn more frequently during the event: Rattata Ekans Mankey Ponyta Elect...[Read More]

Anthem Public Beta Impressions

The Anthem public beta demo was this weekend and my initial thoughts are “Ok, what if Dragon Age, but in space?” If someone had told me this was set in the same extended universe as Dragon Age but set 10,000 years in the future, I would believe it. Everything feels like a BioWare game, but unfortunately more Dragon Age 2 than Dragon Age Origins. There’s a central hub. There’...[Read More]

The Division 2 Private Beta is Coming Soon

The Division 2 Private Beta is scheduled to start February 7, 2019. Today, Ubisoft unveiled more details about what the beta actually entails, as well as global start times. The Private Beta will include access to two main missions, five side missions, a civilian settlement to upgrade, access to the Dark Zone East, a PvP skirmish mode, and an end game mission. Players will be able to explore seven...[Read More]

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