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Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Celebration has started

Just as the Lunar New Year celebration is ending, the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Celebration is beginning. The week-long event will feature increased pink Pokemon spawns and other bonuses, just like the 3rd century Roman martyr would have wanted. Pokemon Go will feature increased spawns of pink Pokemon, specifically Clefairy, Hoppip...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event is Live

Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event started yesterday to celebrate the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Pig. The event includes increased spawns of Chinese Zodiac-inspired Pokemon, double catch XP, increased chance of lucky Pokemon from trades, and introduces shiny Spoink and Grumpig. Here’s a list of Pokemon that will spawn more fr...[Read More]

Shiny Psyduck Confirmed for Pokemon Go

Good morning, Shiny Psyduck. Nice to see you there. As part of Pokemon Go’s Safari Zone event in Brazil this weekend, Psyduck will be appearing more frequently. A lot more frequently. They’re all over the place. My neighborhood is practically lousy with Psyduck. Also! Shiny Psyduck has been released, and until 11:59 pm on Sund...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Community Day for February Announced

Get ready for Mamoswine. Niantic announced today that February’s Pokemon Go Community Day event would feature Swinub. Trainers can catch the pig Pokemon from the Johto region on February 16th. Trainers will have an increased chance at a shiny Swinub on that date. Piloswine will also finally have the opportunity to evolve into the Si...[Read More]

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